This entry is about our experience on taking ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown.
(this is originally from a Malay Entry, translated by Google translate)
This is a two-way ferry only. Either:
Georgetown – Georgetown
Georgetown – Butterworth
If rising from Georgetown (island) to Georgetown (mainland) is FREE no need to pay.
If ride from Butterworth (mainland) to Georgetown (island) has to pay RM7.70 for cars. The rates are the same if we using first Penang Bridge. But if the Second Penang Bridge will be more expensive (probably because of the second bridge is longer than the first bridge).
We also can take a ferry to the motor or walking or cycling. The rates vary according to the category.
To catch a ferry with a car, we have to park cars in the ferry by following the instructions of the ferry staff. Please be careful for the safety of all. Parking off, pull the handbrake fully and turn off the engine.
This time may be out of the car and enjoy the beauty and excitement of riding the ferry.
15-20 minutes .. depends on speed of ferry at the time, may follow the weather and conditions of the sea to reach Georgetown.
Happy Holidays !!!
Our happy faces riding the ferry!!!

Behind: cars park in the ferry

View: other ferry is on the way to Butterworth from Georgetown

View: the KOMTAR icon of Penang

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