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SEBAMED Baby Starter Pack (Diaper Cream, Baby Lotion, Baby Wash)

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Baby Sebamed Starter Pack – A starter set for your baby

Baby Starter Pack is the uniquely formulated Baby Wash Extra Soft, together with the complementary Baby Lotion to ensure that the baby’s skin is soft, supple and hydrated. Further, the Baby Diaper Cream provides a breathable, non-occlusive physical barrier that protects the baby’s skin from irritants in its own excrements. With all these 3 items together, the Baby Starter Pack is a complete cleanse and care starter kit for new mummies or mummies with young children to experience a complete Baby Sebamed cleanse and care regime for their infant/newborns.

What is so unique about the Baby Wash Extra Soft?

Baby Wash Extra Soft is the only product in the market which is formulated closest to the make-up of ‘vernix’ which is the natural cheesy, whitish layer that babies develop during the end of the 2nd trimester of the mother’s pregnancy.

‘Vernix’ is proven in clinical test reports and WHO Clinical Practice guidelines to help and enhance in the following functions for a newborn or infant’s skin:

i) Anti-bacterial protection;

ii) Wound healing;

iii) Retain moisture;

iv) Temperature regulation; and

v) MOST IMPORTANTLY, help the newborn/infant to develop a healthy, functioning protective barrier on its skin.

Baby Wash Extra Soft 50ml:

Baby Wash Extra Soft is formulated at 100% soap and alkali-free. The very mild wash-active compound is based on a tenside complex offering high skin tolerance for the extra gentle daily cleansing of a new born’s delicate skin. Its pH 5.5 supports the development of the skin’s biologically protective acid mantle. Baby Wash Extra Soft is specially formulated with a refatting compound containing vernix-related Squalene to balance the skin’s lipid content. Baby’s skin is cleansed without causing dryness or irritation. The active care formula with Allantoin helps to safeguard against irritation, keeping the delicate skin soft and smooth. Pleasant fragrance for baby’s comfort.

Indication :

  • Extra-mild daily cleansing of new born’s delicate skin

Application :

  • Put a couple of drops into the bath > add warm water to create some foam > wash baby with gentle caressing strokes > do not need to rinse back > tap dry new born baby OR Moisten the new born baby skin>lather the baby wash on our palm first then apply it on newborn’s face and body > wash the baby gently > rinse and tap dry baby skin

Baby Lotion 50ml :

Baby Lotion with pH5.5 has clinically proven to promote the development of the skin’s protective acid mantle. This lotion can provide baby’s delicate skin with gentle protection to safeguard it against dryness. Its moisturizing and emmolient complex with 7% lipids is rapidly absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Baby Lotion enhance the skin hydrolipid balance making it smooth and supple. The active ingredients Allantoin and Camomile care for the skin, counteracting inflammation and irritation. This lotion has a mild and pleasant fragrance for baby’s comfort.

Indication :

  • Daily moisturizing and care of baby’s delicate skin. All over body use

Application :

  • Pump out a pea-sized amount > put few dots all over baby’s body areas > gently massage lotion into baby’s skin after bathing to lock in moisture, or anytime to help ease dryness

Baby Diaper Cream 50ml :

Baby Sebamed Baby Diaper Cream with its pH value of 5.5 and the richly emmolient water-in-oil formula is strongly indicated for skin conditions affecting the nappy area. It can rapidly alleviates the symptoms of diaper rash and at the same time preventing it to happen. Titanium dioxide protects baby’s delicate skin from harmful contact with excrements. Formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredient of Camomile and Bisabolol soothes irritated skin. Panthenol effectively stimulates the healing of the skin. The 31% lipid compound in Baby Sebamed Baby Diaper Cream including Lecithin and Squalene helps to create a protective barrier against aggressive substances, which could cause inflammation.

Indication :

  • Promotes rapid relief, prevent and promotes healing of diaper dermatitis

Application :

  • Squeeze out a pea-sized amount > gently apply over baby’s nappy area in caressing strokes

Baby Sebamed Starter Pack

Cleansing – Baby Wash Extra Soft

  • Extra mild cleanser for newborns which duplicates the functions of vernix

Care – Baby Lotion

  • Safeguards baby’s skin against dryness

Care – Baby Diaper Cream

  • Prevents and provides rapid relief for diaper rash


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