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Pigeon Dry Shampoo Foam 150ml

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By offering a quick and easy application process, this Dry
Shampoo Foam saves valuable time and eliminates the
need for access to showers, making it ideal for
individuals with busy schedules or limited resources.
● Easy application with no rinse for convenience
and time-saving, and an alternative to refresh hair
between washes
● Eliminates oil, sweat and odor from scalp and hair
● Lightweight formulation with foam pump
● Effortless styling with volumizing effect for a
more voluminous look
● Fresh lily scent that leaves hair smelling clean and
revitalized throughout the day.


6 in stock

Steps / Usage Instructions

  • Step 01 -Pump the foam, then start massaging it to your hair and scalp
  • Step 02 After the foam disappears, wipe your hair and scalp with a clean towel
  • Step 03 Then you’re done!


1) How many pumps are there in a bottle?
Approximately 180 pumps.
2) How does the dry shampoo foam work?
It absorbs oil and dirt from hair and scalp, leaving
it fresh and clean.
3) What is the recommended age to use this
It is recommended for individuals aged 18 and
above. It’s important to note that the product
contains alcohol and menthol, which could
potentially cause skin irritation on delicate young
skin. As a result, it’s not advised for use on
4) How often can I use this product?
It can be used every other day or any time
required when your hair is oily.
5) Will I get an allergic reaction to Dry Shampoo
We recommend conducting a patch test. Simply
apply a small amount of foam around the inner
forearm and leave it for 48 hours. This can help
identify any unlikely allergic reactions before full
6) What is the difference between dry shampoo
foam and dry shampoo powder/spray?
Foam is lighter in weight compared to traditional
dry shampoo powder/spray. It is less likely to
leave residue on the scalp.
7) Can I use this on wet hair?
No, you should not use dry shampoo foam on wet
hair. It will not be able to absorb the oil and dirt
from the hair, and it may leave a residue.


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