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Fiffy Baby Laundry Detergent 2000ml

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Sabun pencuci dengan pelembut pakaian bayi.


Dirumus khas untuk pakaian bayi anda.


3 in stock

➤ Carefully formulated with plant-based surfactant that is safe for your baby together

➤ Superior enzyme technology to effectively remove stubborn stains from your baby’s clothing and yet preserve the softness of the garment

➤ Anti-redeposition technology to keep baby’s fabric away from dirt and soil

➤ Provide long lasting protection with anti-bacterial agent with hints of clean scent after washing ➤ Free from formalin, phosphate, bleach and optical whitener to give parents a peace of mind when choosing the best and safest detergent we have to offer

➤ This bottle comes with 2000ml


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